We pursue the marriage of SAKE and dish.
Enjoy the taste of four seasons , as well as
seosonal events in Kyoto.

6,Tsukimi-cho,Higashi-oji St. Matsubara St, Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto-city
OPEN/ 17:00~27:00/ Lunch time is reserved only
Closed Mondays
1F Counter 10seat. 2F Table 20seat.
TEL 075-741-6126

Platinum Pork 
Platinum Pork from Iwate Hanamaki.
It’s mild taste match for Japanese sake!

Simmered Sardines with Umeboshi.
It’scarefully simmered for 8 hours with
Umeboshi(pickled plums). Sardines goes very well
with salty/sour taste of Umeboshi .

・Assortment of seasonal sliced raw fish 1,000yen~
・5 sorts of seasonal sliced raw fish 1,500yen~
・Assortment of deep-fried dishes 700wen~
・Assortment of seasonal TENPRA 1,200yen~
・Grilled fish 850yen~

・Seasonal OBANZAI Local dishes of Kyoto 500yen~
・Braised duck breast 900yen
・Japanes bBeef steak 2,200yen
・Seasonal clay pot rice 900yen~
・Delicacies and tidbits 600yen~

Chef's Choice
Appetizer~Dessets /8 dishes

Appetizer~Dessets /9 dishes

The variety of foods on the menu will depend on what is in season and available in the marketplace
where the cook searches out the freshestfoods for the day's meals.

・SAKE 400yen~
・Draft Beer 600yen
・Shochu 450yen~

・Plum Wine 500yen~
・High-ball 500yen
・Plum Wine 500yen

・Wine 3000yen~
・Soft Drink 300yen

四季の和食と日本酒 歳時記 年神